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The International Bilingual Education (IBE) Alliance is an exclusive education network that connects high schools from various countries across Asia. The aims of the Alliance are to promote intelligence, cultural exchanges and sharing of information through a variety of innovative inter-school activities. This enterprise was officially established in May 2020 in collaboration with PDVL Overseas Advisory Pte. Ltd. and City College Plymouth — the largest public Further Education College in Plymouth, UK. The Alliance was formed on the basis of embracing and promoting transnational education across Asia.

In order to truly prepare students for globalisation, the IBE Alliance has developed two main projects: The International Preparation Course in Business (IPCB) and Global Virtual School (GVS).

The main aims of the IPCB are to deliver practical business knowledge to students using the English language. This allows students to increase their confidence in English communication, understand basic business principles, and use analytical thinking to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the current era.


Global Virtual School gives students from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn a foreign language efficiently wherever they are through online classes. Students are also given opportunities to visit foreign countries for a short period of time to learn the language via our Winter / Summer Study Camps. The courses are not only affordable, but also trains students to a level where they can possibly sit for official examinations of that foreign language.


In line with these objectives, the Alliance has also put a comprehensive support system in place for all partner schools by: forming a network of schools across the world, awarding the excellence of teachers, and encouraging qualities of leadership, creativity, multi-lingual skills and innovation through various educational development programmes.

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