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France is a beautiful country of amazing food, wine, breathtaking architecture, outstanding natural beauty, vineyards and a laid-back sophistication (an interesting version of joie de vivre) that you can’t find anywhere else.


There is an abundance of cultural experiences to be had. From widely acclaimed art museums to royal palaces and castles saving French lushness and imperial history, to plaques set on regular ordinary structures which stamp recorded occasions, France is an extraordinary place to explore French history as well as world history. 

France is one of the most popular non-English speaking destinations for international students in the world, and the fourth most popular overall (behind the USA, UK and Australia). This country boasts a thousand-year academic history of excellence, an ongoing national commitment to higher education and an unparalleled linguistic and cultural tradition, which are some of the reasons for its enduring popularity as a study destination. 

Geographically and socially, France is at the heart of Western Europe. It is also located near other European countries and major cities, which provides students with many opportunities to visit various European and African countries within a few hours.

Universities in France are enthusiastic about education and invest heavily in research. Hence, there are many good opportunities to conduct research in modern facilities with a wide range of study subjects. It is an excellent destination for science graduates, many of who are based at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), a public research organisation that supports more than 33,000 dedicated researchers.

France is home to several of the world’s best business schools. Skema Business School, INSEAD Business School and HEC Paris are some of the highest ranked institutions of their kind and are known for their international student body and atmosphere. 

If you would like to study the French language, join our French Language Progression Pathway Course. This is an online programme that carries out consistent French language classes

Online Study

Online Lessons

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Small class size

IBE Alliance French
University Progression Programme

Starting language level: Equivalent of DELF A1 (beginner level)

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4 learning hours per week


Achieve language fluency of up to the equivalent of DELF B2


Lessons are made for absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of the French language

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Course starts in August 2022 (Expected date of completion: July 2026) 


Register through the IBE Alliance website 


Submit your application by:

19 July 2022

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Serife Can

French Language Teacher

Lycée Robert Schumann, Haguenau

  • French language teacher with more than 4 years of teaching the French language and helping students prepare for DELF, DALF, TEF, TEFAQ & TCF exams. 

  • Hope to spread cultural awareness through teaching the French language. 


Cynthia Nkirote

French Language Teacher

University of Nairobi

  • Introductory xxx

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