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from South Korea!

Study in South Korea with our Korean
Language Progression Pathway Programme!
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South Korea is a unique country that wholeheartedly embraces both tradition and cutting-edge modernity equally. It is Asia's 4th largest economy and one of the world's leading centres of finance and innovation.

Not only is South Korea famous for its entertainment culture, electronics, beauty products, and delicious food, it also boasts a booming economy with high post-graduate employment rates!

In terms of education, South Korean universities are ranked consistently within the world's top 100 universities (QS University Rankings 2020). Its capital city, Seoul, is ranked among the world's top 10 student cities.

If you would like to study in South Korea, join our Korean Language Pathway Programme! It is an online programme that delivers well-structured Korean language classes which can be taken alongside your current study programme (e.g. high school).

During this programme, you will learn how to speak and write in Korean well enough to be able to meet the language entry requirements of Korean universities! 

Students Studying Outside

Online Lessons

Korean University
Progression Programme

Achieve language fluency of up to Level 4 equivalent of TOPIK


Students from 15 years old and above are welcome to join this program
(*for future 2023 courses, students from 13 years old and above will be accepted, terms & conditions apply)

Number of Hours Per Week.png

125 learning hours per language level


Meet the language requirements to progress to Korean universities

Max. number of students per class.png

Small class size


Starting language level: Level 1 equivalent of TOPIK


To find out more / apply, please contact our GVS Recruitment Team within your region

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How to Apply | Download the 

Once you have filled up the form, please submit it via email



6 reasons to learn a language
at IBE's Global Virtual School

Made for Beginners

Lessons are tailor-made for absolute beginners with zero proficiency in the chosen language.

Outstanding Tutors

You will be taught by experienced, highly-qualified tutors from around the world.

Progression to 

University/ College

Progress to your preferred university with a PASS in your final language test


You can conveniently attend language classes from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and a strong WiFi connection.

Turn Your Interest into a Skill

Develop your interest in the language into a skill that will not have a positive impact on your education, but on your career as well.

Study Camp

Experience living in a foreign country as an international student for a short period of time.

Moon Jee Hee.png

Moon Jee Hee

Korean Teacher

University of New England

Love and passion in languages and teaching & learning them. Native Korean speaker, fluent in English and beginner in French. Ample experiences in teaching, designing language programs and office administrations. Experiences in customer services and good computer proficiency. Skilled at communicating with people from international backgrounds. Able to build a strong relationship with colleagues and customers, alike and maintain a positive and friendly disposition. 


Hyojung Katie Kim

Korean Language Teacher

Yonsei University (BA) and UCLA (MA)

A native Korean, Ms. Kim has taught Korean for multiple years in New York and in Seoul. She also expects to become a government-approved certified Korean teacher in July, 2022. As an ardent learner of languages such as English, French, and Japanese, she worked and studied in several different countries abroad for 17 years. Although her job title has changed from editor to translator, from literacy program manager to language teacher, she has always seen herself as an educator. Genuinely enjoying building rapport with her students, Ms. Kim hopes to help and inspire them to join the world of the Korean language and culture with fun and ease.


Kim Nam Yeon

Korean Language Teacher

Sejong University

A visiting professor at Koje College since March 2004, experienced in teaching Korean adults to speak English. Experienced in teaching foreigners how to speak English. English interpreter and translator since 1993. Certificate of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Lisa Park - Kr Teacher.jpg

Lisa Park

Korean Language Teacher

Pusan National University

To be updated.

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