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List of China Mainland Schools

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Shanxi Technology & Business College

STBC, founded in 1986, is the first private higher education institution that offers bachelor’s degree in Shanxi Province.​ It has two campuses, Longcheng and Beige, and more than 17,000 students and about 1000 staff.​ STBC is constituted by 12 schools and 3 teaching departments, offering 39 bachelor’s degree programs.

It has developed a coordinating development structure of disciplines ranging from engineering to art, economics, literature and education while with its focus on management. Among all these disciplines, science of business administration was selected into "1331 project" leading and characteristic discipline development plan of Shanxi Province, dancing choreography and business administration were selected into advantageous course development program of Shanxi colleges and universities.


  1. Communication Experiment Teaching Center & Tourism Management Simulation Center are awarded as provincial leading demonstration sites​

  2. 1 million fund for business start-up practice. Our entrepreneurship park is rated as provincial

  3. level business start-up model and STBC is recognized as Shanxi’s leading “demonstration site for creativity and entrepreneurship education reform” with its employment rate above 95% every year for graduates.    ​

  4. Awards: Leading Social Organization of China, Outstanding Private College of Shanxi Province

  5. Leading College for Graduates’ Employment, Leading Organization for Safe Campus,

  6. Innovation Award for Campus Culture...

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