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Catholic High School, Sibu

Catholic High School, Sibu was founded by the Marist Brothers in 1961. It is the only Catholic Chinese and private Mission school in Malaysia that follows the UEC syllabus. In 2015, the school was awarded 5 stars in the SKIP assessment by the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

The school follows the educational vision and mission of the Marist Brothers by inculcating in the school environment under the followings

 a) Our students be nurtured with Marist Style of Education that they may get a whole-person education and develop their moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic potentials.

b) That our students be instilled with the proper moral values so that they may have positive goals of life, and concern about others in the society.

c) That our students may build up with confidence, interpersonal relationship and leadership skills so that they are able to meet future challenges and changes in the society.


Mission To teach children well, first you must love them and love them all equally.

Chung Hwa Independent High School Kelant


Chung Hwa High School, Kelantan

Kelantan China Independent High School (hereinafter referred to as Danzhong) was formerly known as the Yude School. It was founded in 1918. It has undergone two splits and five closures. It has a long history. In 1985, Danzhong was closed for the sixth time due to depletion of students. The Danzhou Chinese Group established the "Renaissance Committee of Chinese Independent High Schools" to rescue Danzhong. This movement has won the support of the national Chinese community, especially three states of East Coast Malaysia Chinese community, so that the dying Danzhong was reborn from the ashes, and since then embarked on an increasingly stable development path.

Since the beginning of 1991, after moving from the temporary school building in Columbia to the current school site in Korana, Danzhong is known as the "school in the rice field" because it stands in the pristine Malay countryside and maintain itself in a harmonious relationship with the local community. The current Danzhong is a small Chinese independent high school with 260 students. The students mainly come from the three states of the east coast, which about 90% of students board in dormitories.

In order to truly implement the educational philosophy of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, Danzhong has implemented a credit system from the 2021 school year, allowing students to "select courses and go to classes", choose different courses according to their abilities and interests, find a track that suits them, and give full play to their strengths. Talent freedom, discover a better self, and be the hero of your own story!