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Our Member Schools


Welcome message!

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Shandel Lim

IBE & IPCB Project Manager 

"Wishing all patrons a very warm welcome to the IBE Alliance.


The Alliance operates on the basis that well-rounded education is the cornerstone of civilisation and a step towards business-driven globalisation. 

It is our goal to make each and every student succeed and to help our educators achieve that aim. We also believe in the importance of connecting schools across different countries to develop a sense of intercultural awareness, an exchange of ideas and skills, and an ideal environment to practice the use of the English language. 

We want our younger generations to be prepared for future challenges in an exciting and increasingly global world. We also place a strong emphasis on the continuous development of our educators, for the influence of teachers extends well beyond the classroom and into the future. 

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today" - Malcolm X

It is with great pleasure that the IBE Alliance welcomes you!"

Meet our support team

Fean Low.png

Fean Low
South Malaysia Region 

Mei Ling.png

North Malaysia Region 

Maple Low.png

Maple Low
Central Malaysia Region 

GVS Mayna.jpg

Mayna Razak

GVS Recruitment Consultant

West Malaysia Region

Anis Athirah.jpg

Athirah Yusof

GVS Recruitment Consultant

West Malaysia Region


Gabrielle Lau

GVS Recruitment Consultant
East Malaysia Region


Anis Azman
HR and Administrative Assistant

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