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List of Taiwanese Schools

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Taipei Municipal Yongchun High School

Nestled among a string of green mountains is a collegiate-style structure, simple but elegant, with architecture that enhances the magnificent and gentle beauty of its surroundings. This place was previously the site of Chaoyang College. In 1968, at the same time when a nine-year compulsory educational system was instituted in Taiwan, Yongchun Junior High School was established at No. 5, Lane 277, Song Shan Road, next to Yongchun Primary School. In 1976, the high school moved to its current location. Then, in July of 1994, as part of a program to set up more senior high schools citywide, the junior high school was converted to offer senior high school education, and was re-established as "Yongchun Senior High School." Located within Elephant Mountain Natural Resources Area—also known as "Yongchun Slope"—the school prides itself on the accessibility of the campus, the lush, green mountains and the serene surroundings. Augmented by its well-equipped facilities, the school has continually proved to be an excellent environment for both academic studies and a higher, moral education.

At present, the school has a total of 49 classes of students, including one resource class. More than 2,000 students and faculty members indulge themselves in a campus setting sparkling with the academic atmosphere of arts and science.

The school boasts a campus covering 5.3 acres. The educational resources include the Jing Ying Building, Jing Er Building, Ge Zhi Building, and Xiu Qi Building, in addition to the Student Activity Center and Executive Building. All buildings are dynamically inter-connected in a network that fully serves the goals of Yongchun's educational mission.


Taipei Municipal Dali High School

Dali was first established in August, 1968 as Taipei Municipal Dali girls' Junior High School. The chorus of Taipei Municipal Dali girls' Junior High School had excellent performance all over the world, which make Dali a renowned school.


Within 45 years, there are a lot of changes and development. In 1991, Dali reformed  as a co-educational junior high school and then reformed as comprehensive senior high school. In 1997, Dali combines both junior and senior high schools and becomes the second high school in Wanhua District. In 1998, Dali reformed as Taipei Municipal Dali High School.


We have diverse curriculum, inclusive of academic courses, specialized courses and class designed for physical education in order to help students develop themselves based on their potential. The academic courses contain social courses and science courses. For the specialized course, there are applied foreign language course, tourism and hospitality, and applied information.


The school holds 23,328 square meters. It currently composed of 42 classes (15 junior classes and 27 senior classes) with a total enrollment of 1481 students.There are 445 students living in the nearby community in junior high school. There are 1036 students living in Taipei or New Taipei City in senior high school. In addition, there are 153 teachers and administration staffs.


Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational High School

The School was founded on April 18, 1940 as Taipei Municipal Commercial and Industrial Professional School with mechanical, electrical and commercial departments, sponsoring the establishment of The Second Apprentice Training School that had trained many needed technical and business professionals. In 1946, after WWII, the school was renamed as Taipei Municipal Junior Vocational Industrial School, and that of The Second Apprentice Training School was Provincial Taipei Second Industrial Supplementary School.


With rapid economic growth and significant environmental changes in the late 1940's, the educational objectives and program sets originally were out of date. Consequently, in 1950, the senior education was served and renamed as Taipei Municipal Industrial School. In 1955, the school was ceased its junior school programs and received aids from the U.S. to renovate the equipments. To provide unit trade training, the school was renamed as Taipei Municipal Senior Vocational Industrial School in 1958.


In 1967, Taipei City became a special municipality by executive Yuan. Provincial Taipei Second Industrial Supplementary School which was previously sponsored by the school self was incorporated to the school as Senior Vocational Industrial Supplementary School.


In September 1981, Taipei Municipal Senior Vocational Industrial School was mandated to be named after its residential name Daan as Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational Industrial School.


In 1999, according to Supplementary and Continuing Education Regulation, Senior Vocational Industrial Supplementary School was renamed as The Senior Vocational Industrial Supplementary School Affiliated with Taipei Municipal Daan Vocational Industrial High School.


In August, 2001, in response to the current transformation of secondary education development, the Comprehensive High School Program was established.


Taipei Municipal Fuxing High School

Built in 1953, it was named Taiwan Provincial Fu-Hsing High School. In 1968, It was later named Taipei Municipal Fu-Xing Senior High School.


In addition to the regular academic courses, the school has set up the artistic program since 1997 and the program has received whole-hearted support from the students and the public.


Our school is located in the mountains. It faces the north of the scenic Beitou, which is full of culture. We enjoy broad vision, and fresh air. We can even overlook Guandu plain and Taipei basin from school. Therefore the school is also known as “fortress,” in Chinese, we call it “山城.”


Taipei Municipal Lishan Senior High School

Our school heated swimming pool, tennis court, astronomical telescope observatory, and distant teaching classrooms are complete. We propose science education through holding presentations of research projects, science fairs, and science camps. We continue to offer advanced classes of mathematics and science to develop the elites of students.


LSSH is a well-equipped and sound-environmental school. We provide the best teaching quality and flexible courses and emphasize science. We put fine teaching, education of heart into practice and expect students to generate the passion of learning, reveal their potentials, master the intricacies of science, as well as to cultivate the ability of logical thinking, creativity, enthusiastic attitude toward solving problems as far as to pay respect to others, to volunteer to do public service with gratitude in return for parents, teachers, school and society. Also, we hope students can get into the habit of life-long learning and have the ability to develop their career for their whole life, find their proper place for their talents and become the new 21st century citizens. We welcome those students with the courage to accept challenges and with the science ambition to LSSH.


Taipei Municipal Zhong-Lun High School

The site of the school was originally the maintenancet place of Taipei Municipal Bus Agent. The terrain is so flat that it is suitable to establish a school. On July 1, 1997, the Authority of Education of Taipei City Government agreed to build Zhong- Lun Junior High School. In the academic year of 1998, to release the pressure of entering senior high school and to improve the balanced regional development as well, Zhong-Lun was changed to a complete high school.


In the academic year of 2002, Zhong- Lun High School started enrolling  students. Each year, the school recruits ten classes of senior high  with 42 students in each class, and 6 classes of junior high with 38 students in each class. In 48 classes, 2000 male and female students are included. The name of Zhong- Lun has its dialectical meaning. "Lun" means an isolated hill, where the area is distributed from Yan-Ji Street , Ning-An Street, Bei-Ning Road, Jian-Kang Road to Nan-Jing East Road . Its width is from tens to hundreds meters. For the hill is located in the center of the eastern Tagal flat, it is so called Zhong- Lun.


Taipei Municipal Datong High School

Taipei Municipal Datong High School was founded in 1935, at that time a private school, and was later taken over by the Taipei City government in 1950, reorganized as “Taipei Municipal Datong Secondary School”, with both lower and upper secondary education. With the implementation of the nine-year compulsory education, it was renamed “Taipei Municipal Datong Junior High School”, devoting itself to the development of the compulsory education. In 1992, Datong was once again reorganized as a junior/senior high school, now officially known as “Taipei Municipal Datong High School”.


With its solid foundation, Datong High School has always upheld its school motto: “Learn with Diligence, Cultivate one’s Characters, and Practice Universal Love” as well as promoting the school’s vision of “Nurturing Future Leaders and Cultivating Social Elites.” While evolving and progressing with the times, the school has further set its essential objectives to equip students with competence in humanities and arts, scientific and digital literacy, and social care and global perspectives.


Taipei Municipal Neihu High School

Neihu High School is the first high school established after Taipei City was converted into a special municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the central government. Campus construction

began in July 1986. The school was completely established on August 1, 1988 and enrolled the first 18 classes of freshmen. With the dedications and endeavors of the former principals and staff, our school is endowed with democratic and liberal learning atmosphere, which has hence attracted students from all over Taipei area.


As far as the external environment is concerned, the campus is located near the foot of lush hills, surrounded by crystal-clear lakes, and adorned with green and white schoolhouses. Moreover, after the service of the MRT Wenhu Line, the convenience of transportation ensures the enrollment growth. Regarding the internal characteristics, we are possessed of professional faculty, who are filled with knowledge, enthusiasm, love, and patience. Furthermore, this school is distinguished for the harmonious interaction between teachers and students. It is in such an agreeable and respectful learning environment that our students can have outstanding academic performances.


In the future, our school, with the a forementioned advantages, will keep cooperating with the promising administration, elevating the school to a first-rate model, and aggressively cultivating our students to be the elite of the 21st century.


Taipei Municipal Nangang Vocational High School

Taipei Municipal Nankang Vocational High School (hereinafter referred to as Nankang High School, NKHS) is inclusive of 4 groups and 10 departments: Power Mechanical Engineering Group (Dept. of Heavy Machinery, Dept. of Auto Mechanics), Mechanical Engineering Group (Dept. of Mold and Die Engineering, Dept. of Foundry, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering), Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering Group (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Dept. of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning), Civil Engineering and Architecture Group (Dept. of Civil Engineering, Dept. of Architecture) together with Section of Special Education (Resource Classes) and a Comprehensive High School.


After former principals’ efforts and teachers; devotion, Nankang High School has already become a top industrial and technical school. It provides positive environments for teenagers to obtain useful knowledge, professional skills and the right attitude to life. It leads them to a happy and healthy life. Moreover, they can become the mainstay of our society. Nankang High School is a high-quality school in Taipei. It corresponds with the reform of education and social environment. "The cradle of technical and vocational education" is our mission. NKHS carries out the basic concept of "spontaneous, interactive and all good". Moreover, it practices the spirit of "independent action", "good communication " and "social participation". Through professional prospective school education, NKHS cultivates students’ lifelong learning motivation to create all-round talents with an international perspective. Each student will have the opportunity to inspire potential and self achievement. We must know well the trend, and analyze changes of the internal and external environment. We can adopt appropriate strategies in accordance with our school status. Then, we improve the programs, and complete the school sustainable development to create the happiness of NKHS.


Blessed Imelda's School


Blessed Imelda's School is the First Catholic Girls' School in Taiwan. The conviction of the school is embodied in the benevolence and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.To mold students with profound knowledge and well-rounded personality, the school not only puts emphasis on academic excellence, but also on moral development. Blessed Imelda's School is an institution designated by the Ministry of Education placing high premiums on English instruction; emphasizing on globalization, the use of computer- assisted instruction, foreign language teaching, and fostering cultural exchange among students through foreign exchange program.


New Taipei Municipal Zhonghe Senior High School

Located at the junction of Zhonghe, Banqiao and Tucheng, Zhonghe Senior High School, founded in 1990, overlooked the well-known Yuantong Temple. Also, the School was the first public senior high school in Zhonghe and Yonghe District, New Taipei City. The School enrolls Taiwanese students, ranging from 10th-12th grades. Each grade is comprised of 18 classes and the School body consists of 54 classes, with more than 2000 students and with a student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1.


The School attaches great importance to multi-aspect exploration and adaptive learning. Besides, it upholds the philosophy of “techno spirit and humane concern” and actively develops and expands its featured courses. The School wishes to realize the vision for education by offering enormous depth and breadth of course content, thereby cultivating “global citizens with cross-boundary mobile learning abilities, humane and social care, knowledge of modern science and technology, and global mobility”.

Tatung High School


Aware that having a well educated and talented work force is crucial to the long-term success of a business, Mr. Shan-Chih Lin(林尚志), founder of Tatung Company, donated 80% of his personal assets to an association in 1942 to establish what is now known as Tatung University and Tatung Senior High School.


Conveniently situated in downtown of Taipei City,  Tatung Senior High School can be easily accessed by bus and subway. Also, surrounded by stores, museums and restaurants,  Tatung Senior High School members have plenty of opportunities to explore the rich, creative, lively, and colorful aspects of this Asian metropolitan city.

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Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School

Signed date: 26 May 2020

Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School is established by the Taipei City Government with an aim to strengthen high school education and balance regional development between Nangang and Neihu. Therefore, Taipei Municipal Nanhu High School is named after the first and last words of "Nangang District" and "Neihu District", and positioned as an ordinary high school. In July 1994, a preparatory office was set up. At that time, Mr. Cai Xiankou, Section Chief of the Second Section of the Education Bureau in Taipei City Government, also served as the director of the preparatory office. During this time, he completed the plan for the construction of a new school building. It was Liao Juntian Architects that designed and supervised the design and construction.

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