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Our Common System

The IBE Alliance is an exclusive network of schools across Asia Pacific that places emphasis on the development of teachers and students from the context of leadership, innovation and business-driven knowledge through an established education framework.

This education framework, known as International Preparation Course In Business (IPCB), accommodates the values of the IBE Alliance. In addition, this course creates multiple learning platforms that connect all member schools, which therefore cultivates an environment that enhances effective English communication in all contexts. The IPCB is designed and accredited by City College Plymouth, UK and will be delivered in tandem with the designated national curriculum(s) of each IBE Alliance partner school.

It is compulsory for all  IBE Alliance members schools to implement the IPCB alongside each school’s designated national curriculum. Furthermore, teachers who are selected to teach the IPCB are required to successfully complete City College Plymouth’s Teacher’s Training Seminars.