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Image by Baim Hanif

Our Values

01. Excellence

We are unwavering in our determination to provide the best in bilingual education. We ensure that the manner in which students are educated is professional and flexible.

02. Multiculturalism

We are committed to an educational environment that promotes cross-cultural learning through various exchanges between the schools under the Alliance network.

03. Transnationality

We aim to positively transform relationships between education communities of different countries by helping them unite in solidarity to share the common challenges and opportunities that arise.

04. Leadership and Independence

The schools under the Alliance strive for progressiveness in cultivating qualities of leadership and independence among students.

05. Innovation

We encourage our educators to embed new and creative teaching methods that maximise students’ potentials in absorbing and applying the knowledge gained.

06. Trust and Respect

We aim to create a respectful and meaningful network that fosters high ethical standards, free of discrimination & harassment, where students and teachers of all nationalities take pride in their participation.

07. Driven by Business Knowledge

We recognise that practical business knowledge is critical to students regardless of study interests and future career pathways. Our aim is to promote a learning environment where basic business knowledge is cultivated, and talent is shared.


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