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3 weeks @ Plymouth

07 July 2023 –
30 July 2023

English for Academic Purpose (EAP)

Public Speaking and Communication


Research Project




Nutrition and Sports

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Academic Subjects

& Practicals:

•The Box Museum

•National Aquarium of Plymouth

•Dartmoore National Park and Thavistock

•Castle Graduation Experience

•London: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, China Town, British Museum, Tower Bridge (London Bridge)

Excursion and Enrichments:

This 3-week Plymouth Summer Camp 2023 is an unique course that we designed to fit various purposes of a student may seek. It comprises English Booster course, learning English in a non-conventional way such as through Drama Programme, and Sports. It also encourages young students to start learning on how to do a research project through group work, with guidance from a camp ambassador.

Throughout this programme, students from different nationalities can also enhance their personal networks, to make new friends and learn the skill of communication. Participants will also be able to enrich their experience in England, such as staying in a castle, and also visiting to local villages. Participants will also be able to visit the Capital – London as part of the camp.

Package Fees: GBP 3,200


What does this covered:

●Course Fees

●Course Certificate

●Accommodation: 4/5/6/7 students per room (same gender) based on allocation.

○Plymouth: Student Centre OR any other type of accommodation arranged by college, depends on availability

○Castle Experience: Castle Accommodation

○London Excursion: Hotel, or Student Hostel

●Meals: Breakfast ONLY. Lunch and Breakfast on own’s cost

●Transportation: Centralised arranged, EXCLUDE ‘free and easy’

●On-site Insurance: College Campus, and Student Centre. Participant should get personal travel insurance too

●Entrance Tickets: The Box Musuem, National Aquarium of Plymouth. No ticket is needed for: British Museum, and other excursion destination. EXCLUDE ‘free and easy’ entry.

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Plymouth, England – Plymouth is a beautiful coastal city in the South West of England, UK. It’s early history extends to Bronze Age when a first settlement emerged at Mount Batten. This settlement continued as a trading post for the Roman Empire, until it was surpassed by the more prosperous village of Sutton founded in the ninth century, now called Plymouth. In 1588, an English fleet based in Plymouth intercepted and defeated the Spanish Armada. In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers departed Plymouth for the New World and established Plymouth Colony, the second English settlement in what is now the United States of America. (Mayflower’s History)


City College Plymouth, UK - City College Plymouth is a tertiary college in the UK, offering wide range of courses to students. It is also the first college in the UK that established more than 100 partner high schools network across the Asia Pacific.

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