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Diversity Students

Annual Short Period Student Exchange Programme

All IBE Alliance schools students are encouraged to participate in the inter-school activities offered by Alliance. The Student Exchange Program aims to nurture qualities of good leadership, critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving skills, and independent learning. This will also provide a conducive environment for students to practice their English communication skills.

Student Group Brainstorm

Student Leadership 

& Innovation Programme 

It is important to cultivate qualities of leadership and innovation in our future generations. Therefore, the IBE Alliance intends to enhance the student experience through the Student Leadership and Innovation Programme. This programme is designed to develop the creative thinking skills of students outside of the classroom.


Academic Credit Transfer  Programme

All IBE Alliance senior high school students are given the opportunity to experience a semester of studying abroad in the UK. Through this programme, students will be able to obtain a foundation certificate via the academic credit transfer system. Upon the completion of this programme, participating students will then return back to their respective high schools to complete the remaining requirements of the high school certificate. This programme will be embedded within the existing curriculum and academic schedule of all IBE Alliance member schools. 

Through this programme, students are awarded with an additional qualification, which contributes to their academic achievements. This will benefit students in terms of study progression opportunities to universities in various parts of the world.

Taking an Exam

IPCB External Examinations 

IBE Alliance School students who have successfully completed the IPCB programme are encouraged to take City College Plymouth’s IPCB External Examinations. Upon successfully passing a minimum of three out of a total of six subjects, students will receive a qualification certificate, awarded by City College Plymouth.

British Pound Coins

Study in the UK Scholarship Programme

IBE Alliance School students who have successfully completed the IPCB programme and have taken the IPCB External Examinations for a minimum of three subjects are eligible to apply for scholarships that waive 70% to 100% of the overall tuition fees for City College Plymouth’s year-long business programme: The Premier International Year 1 in Business.

Laptop and Notebook

IPCB Online Course

Online revision sessions will be provided to all IBE Alliance school students to assist their preparations for the IPCB External Examinations. Students will also be provided with other resources, i.e. guest lectures and pre-examination workshops.


The Prince Summer Programme

Spend two summers in the United Kingdom to obtain a pre-university Foundation qualification! The Prince Summer Programme is a challenging and inspiring Foundation course that prepares international students to further their studies at internationally-renown British universities. This programme is design to equip students with academic literacy, skills and knowledge required to successfully tackle an undergraduate degree programme. 

The Prince Summer Programme is split into two parts: Part I and Part II, which occurs across two summers in the UK. Students who successfully complete both Parts will be awarded an NQF Level 3 International Foundation Certificate. Students who only complete Part I will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. 

The flexibility of this programme allows for a combination of academic courses and summer excursions. Students get to experience studying abroad, various summer activities, and an environment to practice the use of the English language.

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UK Scholarship
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