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Teacher Instructing

Teacher's Training Seminars

We aim to maintain the high standards of our the IBE Alliance teachers through continuous training by City College Plymouth, UK. Teachers of the IBE Alliance are provided with continuous support and guidance in delivering the best practices in teaching methodologies and adequate knowledge in the relevant areas, including the IPCB syllabus.


Excellent Teacher Award

The IBE Alliance takes pride in the wholehearted commitment of our educators. Therefore, the Alliance makes an award available each year to recognise excellence in the practice of teaching. The allocation of this prestigious recognition is based on the overall passing rate of the IPCB External Examinations.

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Biennial Grand Conference

in the UK

To enrich the multicultural experiences of teachers, the IBE Alliance coordinators will invite selected members to attend the Grand Conference in the UK, which will be held once every two years. The conference will provide platforms for its members to exchange teaching values based on bilingual education concepts, experiential learning opportunities and insights of the UK tertiary education system. This includes attending workshops, bespoke sessions, and visits to high schools, education offices, universities and colleges in the UK.

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Teacher's Exchange Programme

The Alliance aims to embrace an exchange of cultures and teaching skills between schools through the Teacher’s Exchange Programme. Member schools of the Alliance will work collaboratively with the committee teams to organise, facilitate and support this programme.

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Teacher's Development

Programme in Asia

To uphold the values of the IBE Alliance, various workshops and activities relating to the development of global education will be organised in Asia. These activities aim to ensure that all Alliance member schools are provided with proper guidance in implementing  innovative ways to deliver bilingual teaching. These workshops are tailor-made in accordance with the current education framework in each respective country through knowledge exchange, networking and forums.

Teacher Training
Excellent Teacher
UK Grand Conference
Teacher Exchange
Teacher Development
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