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The most extensive and authentic summer programme is finally here!

The International Bilingual Education Alliance, in collaboration with City College Plymouth—the biggest college in the South West part of England—has officially launched The Prince Summer Programme’s first intake! With the support of Plymouth City Council, we welcome students from all over the world to join us for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

The Prince Summer Programme is absolutely unique: It is the only summer programme that includes a preparatory Foundation course, an intensive leadership and English language training, Pre-Duke of Edinburgh activities, volunteering and various excursions. It is a 7-week programme that gives you wholesome and fresh learning experiences! 

So get ready for an active academic and social calendar: From guided tours in Oxford & London, visits to one of the best known ancient wonders of the world – Stonehenge, shopping in Bicester Village – to a formal graduation ceremony and farewell party, and staying at the Castle. You'll also have opportunities to experience activities like horse-riding and glamping! 

For attendees who successfully complete two full durations of this summer programme will be awarded with the following certificates:

> The Prince Programme – International Foundation Certificate

> Pre-Duke of Edinburgh Certificate of Participation

> English and Communication Certificate

> Certificate of Participation

The Prince Summer Programme has lots to offer! Discover more today, and prepare for the learning experience of a lifetime!

British Fireworks

British Fireworks

Smeatons Tower

Smeatons Tower



Westminster Abbey London

Westminster Abbey London

Water Sport 01

Water Sport 01

Camping 01

Camping 01

Great Britain

Great Britain

Volunteer Works

Volunteer Works

Pre Duke Edinburgh 01

Pre Duke Edinburgh 01

Camping 02

Camping 02

Pre Duke Edinburgh 02

Pre Duke Edinburgh 02

Marching Army

Marching Army

Smeatons Tower.png



The Prince Summer Programme consists of two Parts: Part I and Part II, which occurs across two summers in the UK. Students who successfully complete both parts will be awarded an NQF Level 3 International Foundation Certificate. Students who complete only Part I will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Various opportunities are provided for progression to various highly-ranked universities in the UK upon successfully completing the programme. Individual universities may specify certain requirements for course progression.

*NQF Level 3 is equivalent to a pre-university qualification

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GBP 9,000

Course Start Date: 7th Jul 2023

Course End Date : 25th Aug 2023

What is not included?

  • Visa Application Fees

  • Insurance

  • Meals during the excursion week

  • Flight Tickets

  • UK Sim Card

* For 5 weeks and 4 weeks TPS Programme - please contact your in country IBE/ PDVL staff for more information.

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All Lessons

(Including tutorials)

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Uniform Shirt / Polo Tee Provided

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Examination Fees

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Excursions & Activities

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Entrance Tickets (Stonehenge & Punting)

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Guided Tours in London & Oxford

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

For China viewer, please click here                                        to watch.




Activity 3.PNG

Pre-Duke of Edinburgh Programme

The Prince Summer Programme allows students to prepare for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Programme by arranging for participants to follow a series of activities. Participants will attend these sessions on 4 different Saturdays, as taster sessions for the actual Duke of Edinburgh Programme activities. The sessions cover the following categories:



Participants will take part in services that contribute to individuals or communities


Participants are given the resources to improve in an area of sports, dance or other fitness activities


This will develop participants’ practical and social skills, and personal interests


This helps participants in the planning, training for, and completion of an adventurous journey in Plymouth


British Firework Championships August 2023

The world-famous British Firework Championships is set to return to Plymouth's waterfront in August 2023. 


Enjoy spectacular pyrotechnics that will illuminate Plymouth Sound as six top firework companies battle it out over two nights, each putting on an awe-inspiring ten-minute display in an attempt to be crowned the winner.