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Global Virtual School

Education without borders

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going”

Rita Mae Brown

IBE Alliance’s Global Virtual School is an online education platform and gateway that connects students from different parts of the world to many international education opportunities. 


Our aim and vision is to promote respect and understanding for other cultures across the world by working together for impactful change.


Global Virtual School provides students with the support needed to meet the language requirements of universities in various countries. We hope to help students expand their future horizons and equip them with the ability to speak, write and understand more than one language. 


Through our Language Pathway courses, we not only ensure that students learn a foreign language, but also equip them with the official language qualifications needed to progress to a foreign university of their choice.

Walking through the torii

Japanese University Progression Pathway Programme

Person Wearing Hanbok

Korean University Progression Pathway Programme

A Stroll Around Paris

French University Progression Pathway Programme

6 reasons to learn a language at IBE's Global Virtual School

Made for Beginners

Lessons are tailor-made for absolute beginners with zero proficiency in the chosen language.

Outstanding Tutors

You will be taught by experienced, highly-qualified tutors from around the world.

Online Classes

You can conveniently attend language classes from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and a strong WiFi connection.

Progression to 

University/ College

Progress to your preferred university with a PASS in your final language test.

Turn Your Interest into a Skill

Develop your interest in the language into a skill that will not have a positive impact on your education, but on your career as well.

Study Camp

Experience living in a foreign country as an international student for a short period of time.

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