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Our goal

is to produce the World’s top entrepreneurs

President University is one of the best private universities in Indonesia (accredited A). The University offers a strong international learning and research environment. All lectures and classes at President University are carried out entirely in English. The number of international students at President University is one of the highest among all universities across Indonesia. The University is located in one of the largest industrial estates in Southeast Asia (Jababeka Industrial Estate) with more than 1,700 nationals as well as multinational companies such as Unilever, Mattel, Samsung, Loreal, ICI Paints, and many more.

There are now approximately 10,000 students attending President University from Indonesia as well as many other countries. President University has expanded its courses offerings with more than 16 different majors (undergraduate and master) in 4 faculties: Computer Science, Engineering, Humanities and Business faculty.


5 Reasons to Study in

President University

Known as the first Full English -speaking university in Indonesia

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Located in Kota Jababeka, one of the largest Industrial Estates in South East Asia, which is surrounded by more than 2,000 national and multinational companies from 30 countries.

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Live hassle-free - facilitates up to 2,200 students in President University’s Student Housing, with free access to sporting facilities.

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A conducive environment for global networking. Enhances individual career readiness with mandatory internships programmes before graduating.

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Study in a multi-cultural environment with students with diverse backgrounds from across more than 15 countries.

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